Sophia is a multidisciplinary artist, community organizer and arts educator from the San Fernando Valley.

They graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts in 2015, with focuses in Visual Arts and Dance, and Eugene Lang The New School in 2018 where they majored in Art Theory with a minor in Journalism + Design. While there, they began to organize for immigrant and tenant rights, arts accessiblity, prison abolition, and institutional accountability between New York City and Los Angeles.

Deeply influenced by their upbringing in Los Angeles, Sophia aims to preserve the sensations of the LA they know through various mediums including 35mm and 120mm film photography, screenwriting, video, illustration, printmaking & more.

A few of the collectives and organizations they have been a part of include Sin Fronteras NYC, Art Space Sanctuary, the MoMA Divest coalition, EastsideLEADS, Self Help Graphics’ Barrio Mobile Art Studio.

In summer of 2022, the LA LGBT Center hosted their solo show, Mi Pueblo de Los Angeles, featuring people and places that remind them of home.

Sophia currently works as a freelance artist in Los Angeles.